$10,000,000, First place prize – TI7

TI7 will have the highest grand prize for the winners in esports history

The International 2017 will not only host the biggest prize pool in esports history but will offer the largest ever grand prize to the winner of the prestige tournament. The TI7 prize pool for this year has already broken an astounding $23,000,000 USD and is still expected to rise a further half a million by the end of the crowd funding deadline / cut-off. Just earlier this week as the TI7 prize pool steadily increased, it allowed for an over $10,000,000 prize for the winners of The International 2017.

What is surprising isn’t only that the winners will receive such a large sum of money, but in the over all scheme of things, the winners are set to receive below 50% of the total prize pool from the event. This makes the record not only hard to beat, as other organisers would be required to raise a total prize pool over $10,000,000, which is almost never seen out of the “TI series”, but they would likely be required to allocate over 60% to break this record.