$15,000 prize pool for the first ever International Cosplay contest

Cosplay has always been a huge part of Esports, and for the first time ever, there will be a huge prize pool for the best cosplayers.

Dota 2 cos

Cosplay usually doesn’t get too much attention of the organizers or events, even though cosplayers play a huge part in the event, creating a great environment. Cosplayers have only been given attention in these events by the organizers in Korea, where organizers may pay / sponsor cosplayers and their organizations to support the hard working cosplayers.

Cosplayers in Korea have been known to consider it their full time job, and with an introduction with the International Cosplay contest, it will open up the job prospect to others in NA, EU and even CN. The competition will take place after the main dota 2 event “The International 2016” on big stage of KeyArena in Seattle.

Dota 2 Internationals 2016

The sign ups are open to everyone as competitors do not require a T16 Ticket. There will be a prejudging phase, where all eligible cosplayers will then be allowed to participate in the event. THis prejudging phase will take place on the 10th of August also at the KeyArena. The latest registration will be the 9th of August, 12 AM Pacific time.

Sign up Here

The prize pool will be spread out through the top 15 individuals :

1st place: $3,500
2nd place: $2500
3rd place: $1500
4th – 15th place: $500