Mouz vs Dignitas – StarLadder Tips, Odds and Preview

Mouz vs Dignitas



Mouz had a very good performance against Astralis. They were leading in their final map of Mirage and could have definitely closed out the map when they were on Mirage up 15-13 and the round situation was a 3v1 in their favor. However Karrigan had a very good game and Astralis managed to tie the match. The game eventually went into double Overtime and there we see Astralis pulling off. Mouz lost the map 19-22. The map was definitely theirs to lose and they did lose it.One thing we did saw on Mouz game was that they were ChrisJ was really playing extremely well. His performance was extremely vital for Mouz getting all their entry frags. Their performance was similar to ChrisJ’s as Mouz rounds won or lost was definitely reflected in that gameplay.


Dignitas on their part had a very good performance against VP. They won it 2-1 winning both Cache and Cobblestone. Cache is one of Dignitas’ better maps and Cobblestone was a map that they really showed some nice fortitude to make some amazing comebacks and never give up mentally. The win against VP definitely will bolster their performance against Mouz today. Dignitas have been practising daily in their matches and that definitely has been showing up in their matches recently. They have been managing to win series or in the one’s tthat they lose they have a very close match with them scoring double digits rounds.




The game eventually does come down to the maps.Both teams have a similar Map pool with both the teams playing regularly on Mirage, Cobblestone and cache.


  • Mouz veto Inferno.
  • Dignitas veto Dust 2.
  • Mouz pick Mirage.
  • Dignitas pick Cache.
  • Mouz ban Train.
  • Dignitas ban Overpass.
  • Last map is Cobblestone.


So accordingly the maps should be Mirage, Cache and Cobblestone. The veto prediction is difficult mainly because of the Mirage factor. Mirage is a map that both the teams had amazing matches in the group stage. Dignitas managed to put up a decent performance against VP . They did eventually lose the map 16-11 and hence it might look bad for them in their matchup.

Mouz on their part have been playing very well on Mirage managing to take it to double overtime and losing the map. They will have a decent amount of confidence in their own gameplay especially after taking Astralis to double overtime and actually having a chance to finish the game in regulation time.


The Prediction :  60%-40% Mouz

The bet : Considering the odds, a good bet would probably be low on Dignitas. This really assumes ChrisJ will not be able to perform to their best of their abilities