$200,000 prize pool for the WCA 2016 Hearthstone tournament.

The World Cyber Arena, also known as the WCA is hosted in China and attracts players from Europe, North America, Southeast Asian and of course China.

WCA 2016

The qualifiers for the WCA 2016 is still ongoing, and the qualifier tournaments will be streamed on Twitch as well as other Chinese streaming websites. The Finals will be held later in the year, but a specific date will be released once all the qualifiers are completed.

The WCA has both positive and negative feedback from the community. Pro players support the WCA as it is one of the tournaments that have a reasonable prize pool, whereas viewers tend to stay away from the WCA since the stream quality isn’t very high and has overall underwhelming production. Considering the tournament has such a considerable prize pool, the WCA has not attracted enough attention of the community and I believe it is more for the live viewers and players since the stream quality hasn’t been improving over the past 2 years.

WOrld cyuber arena 2015 HS

The prize pool for the 2016 tournament is slightly lower compared to the 2015 WCA Hearthstone event, which boasted a $220,000 prize pool. The prize pool drop this year may have been a result on lower viewer counts and players on Hearthstone, since games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike and Dota 2 are still dominating the Esports scene. With the release of Overwatch, I believe Hearthstone viewership will drop further, which may be why the WCA has decided to lower the overall prize pool.