2016 GSL Pre-season Week 2 Day 2

starcraft GSL preseason

GSL Pre-season has gone a little different than expected. Last night’s broadcast ended with Life, last week’s semi-finalist, being eliminated. Tonight’s matches begin at 4:30am EST and should be a mix of close contests and demonstrations of dominance. Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/gsl.

Zest vs MyuNgSiK

Tonight’s matches should be a little more straightforward. First up is KT Rolster Captain Zest in a PvP against TCM-Gaming’s MyuNgSiK. While MyuNgSiK is currently ranked 9th in the Korean Grandmaster League, the Master of PvP, Zest is expected to handily take the series 2-0.

Trap vs Armani

Next is Jin Air Green Wings Trap against Samsung Galaxy Armani. Armani has made considerable progress in the last 12 months, including beating sOs to qualify but Trap will still be a considerable opponent. Trap’s PvZ is his best matchup. Trap will take the set 2-1.

Dear vs Rogue

Third is Samsung Galaxy’s Dear against Jin Air Green Wing Rogue. This is most volatile of tonight’s matchups. Last season of the GSL Dear handily defeated Rogue 2-0. Rogue is not known for his ZvP and Dear is currently one of the best Protoss in the world but Rogue is known for his ability to cheese an prepare build for specific opponents. Even with that up his sleeve, Dear will again take the set, 2-1.

jjakji vs Solar

KT Rolster jjakji and Samsung Galaxy Solar will face off in the last match of the night. Coming off of his 2015 Dreamhack Victory Solar will take the series 2-0 over jjakji who has lost his last 3 matches against Zerg opponents. Solar has been on absolute rampage as of late and is highly favored throughout the GSL.