2016 NA LCS Roster Changes – League of Legends

With the NA LCS soon approaching, here is a rundown of the current rosters of the teams who will be participating in the 2016 NA LCS. Some teams are the same as last season, while some new ones have replaced others, and players have switched teams also.

Cloud9:Cloud 9

Top: Balls

Jungle: Rush (Previously Hai)

Mid: Jensen (Formerly known as Incarnati0n)

ADC: Sneaky

Support: Hai/Bunny FuFuu (Previously LemonNation)


Counter Logic Gaming:

Top: Darshan (Formerly known as ZionSpartan)

Jungle: Xmithie

Mid: Huhi (Previously Pobelter)

ADC: Stixxay (Previously Doublelift)

Support: Aphromoo

Echo Fox (Previously Gravity):Echo fox

Top: Kfo

Jungle: Hard

Mid: Froggen


Support: Baby


Immortals (Previously Team8):Immortals

Top: Huni

Jungle: Reignover

Mid: Pobelter

ADC: WIldTurtle

Support: Adrian



Top: RF

Jungle: Crumbz

Mid: Alex Ich

ADC: Freeze (Previously maplestreet)

Support: Remilia


NRG eSports (Previously Team Coast):NRG

Top: Impact

Jungle: Moon

Mid: GBM (GankedByMom)

ADC: Altec

Support: KonKwon


Team Dignitas:DIG

Top: Smittyj (Previously Gamsu)

Jungle: Kirei (Previously Helios)

Mid: Shiphtur

ADC: Apollo (Previously CoreJJ)

Support: KiWiKiD



Team Impulse:Team impulse

Top: Feng (Previously Impact)

Jungle: Procxin (Previously Rush)

Mid: Pirean (Previously Gate)

ADC: Mash (Previously Apollo)

Support: Gate (Previously Adrian)


Team Liquid:liquid

Top: Lourlo (Previously Quas)

Jungle: IWillDominate

Mid: Fenix

ADC: Piglet

Support: Smoothie (Previously Xpecial)


Team SoloMid:tsm

Top: Hauntzer (Previously Dyrus)

Jungle: Svenskeren (Previously Santorin)

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC: Doublelift (Previously WildTurtle)

Support: YellOwStaR (Previously Lustboy)