2016 Ranked season rewards have been sent!

Season has officially ended, and every player in each region should have their Ranked season rewards sent


As mentioned in previous posts, depending on your 2016 Rank, you will receive rewards accordingly. Finishing with a rank of Gold 5 or above will grant you / the player the yearly Victorious skin, this year’s Victorious skin will be Victorious Maokai.

Depending on your rank, you will to receive a ranked queue border when you are loading into the game, which reflects the colors of your 2016 ranked season’s division. Only players in Bronze will not receive a ranked loading boarder.

The end of the 2016 season has also meant all players that previously had the past season’s ranked boarder will disappear, and instead be replaced with a ranked boarder that reflects your 2016 Ranked season performance.

Similarly to ranked loading boarder, players will also receive invite flairs based from the rank they achieved in the 2016 Ranked season. Again, Bronze players will receive nothing.

All eligible players that have earned enough points for the different wards skins have also been the skins.

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