2016 Ranked Season Rewards – Ward skins

Ward skins are obtainable through Ranked Team points


Simular to last season, the more points you obtain through playing Ranked teams (rank 3 or rank 5), the higher tier ward skin you will get.
By winning a rank 3 game, you will receive 1 Ranked Team Ward Skin Point.
If you play the more common rank 5 teams, and end up winning, you will receive 3 Ranked Team Ward Skin Points

If you decide in the few hours that is left you want to get the ward skin, you have to play rank 5’s to reach the required points since a win theregives 3 times more Ranked Team Ward Skin Points compared to the Rank 3’s.

The amount of points for each ward skin tiers increases by intervals of 15.

First tier – 15 Points
Second tier – 15 Points


Third tier – 15 Points