2017 Ranked season rewards

Victorious Graves, new borders and more!

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Riot had picked Graves as this year’s ranked season reward skin. This follows Grave’s almost unparalleled power within the jungle in the middle of the yard, with his extremely pick and win rate. The Victorious Graves was forecasted by many, as he has been one of the most significant champions throughout the year.

As usual, Riot has unveiled their updated icons and borders. Borders will be available to players who achieved either Silver or above, while icons are given to players of any rank. You can earn up to 3 summoners icons based on the 3 different ranked queues, Solo/duo, Flex and 3 v 3 Twisted tree line.

There is also a new Victorious ward skin this year which will be available to players who achieve silver or above. This is a great change, as Riot mentions, it will encourage people of lower ranks to use their wards. Regarding the ‘honour ward’ skins based on an individuals honour level (level 3, 4 or 5), players will receive different types of ward skins depending on how ‘sportsman like’ they are.