2017 Worlds predictions

Following the end of the play in stage, only the best 16 teams remain

Group A

SK Telecom – As the 3 time world champions, they have only stumbled on throughout the year where they lost a few games in the LCK due to an extremely tilting loss to Samsung once again. However, they are still SKT, they have a habit of down playing their true skill prior to worlds and even at groups in the past, only to absolutely demolish teams near the end of groups if they need to, and in the quarterfinals onwards,

Group B

Longzhu Gaming – Longzhu should definitely take this one as the rest of the group, honestly, aren’t that great. LZ are Korea’s number 1 seed, that in itself should already directly translate to a first place win at groups, especially since their compititors are either seed 2 or seed 3 from weaker regions.

Group C

No comment – The teams in this group is extremely close, if your going to bet in worlds, I advise looking at the other groups as Group C is very unpredictable. That said, it’ll likely be a tie between Samsung and Royal, G2 have been really strong this year, but are overhyped and usually fall at these major events.

Group D

Team SoloMid – While some may say TSM, as an NA team would be easily defeated by Flash Wolves, I don’t think so. TSM are by far the strongest they have even been, this year at worlds, it’s going to be the time where TSM finally are able to show they are able to compete against the best teams around the world.