3 Neutral Cards you MUST craft.

1.Dr Boom.

Why is Dr.Boom so good you ask, because for the same mana cost it takes to summon a war golem, when Dr.Boom is summoned you gain two other cards, that are instantly played on field! These minions are only valued to be a 1 cost card, but by far, they are the best 1 drop card in the entire game. So now you wonder, why are these two 1 drops the best in the game, sure they are only 1-1, but their deathrattle effect can be totally game changing. The boombot’s have a crazy deathrattle effect which will Deal 1-4 damage to a random enemy” once killed, this random damage between 1-4 can be towards any minion, including ones in stealth, this deathrattle effect can also hit your opponent’s hero. So in sum, when Dr.Boom is summoned, you play a War Golem, which directly gives you equal value since 1 mana is considered 1 health and 1 attack generally, along with 2 minions that can be game changing. This card can give you SUCH a big tempo swing, since it packs so much value when played and need to be cleared. Play Dr.Boom to stabilize or bait out an enemy minion or spell to clear it, then play a bigger minion to follow up, along with your two “boombot’s” to help clear the enemy’s board.

2. Mech Warper

If your ever planning to make a mech type deck, you absolutely NEED the “Mechwarper”. This card gives you the basic value of a 2 drop, costing 2 mana for a 2-3 body is decent, but what makes it so great is it’s lasting effect when its left alive. It’s effect reads, “Your Mechs cost (1) less” which can be game changing if left alive. This means, all mech cards in your hand, cost 1 mana less, meaning your can “flood the board” early in the game with a bunch of now, low cost mech cards. This strategy is commonly found in aggressive decks such as “Mech mage” or “Mech Shaman”. What makes it better is that, this effect can stack, meaning if you have 2 “mechwarpers”, all your mech card will be reduce by 2, note that your “mechwarper” is also a mech card.

Good combos:

Turn 1 : Coin Mech warper + Clockwork gnome + Clockwork gnome


Turn 2 : Mech warper + Coin + Mech warper Turn 3 : Shredder + Spider tant

3. Piloted Shredder

Great neutral card that gives you TON of value, along with good trading opportunities. This card is great as it pretty much guarantees you clear at least 1 card in the opponents field below the cost of 3 mana, along with the deathrattle effect “Summon a random 2-cost minion” which can be used to help clear other cards. With the cost of only 4 mana, you get a 4-3, which is more than enough attack to help clear an enemy’s big minion, or even kill a smaller minion even without being destroyed, e.g. a 2-3 if coin out on turn 3. What makes this card SUPER good in some decks is that it is a mech, and can be synchronized with “Mechwarper” which makes it cost less and be playable turn 3. Pretty much 4 mana for a 4-3, which isn’t too bad, along with a 2 mana cost minion, which is insane value if considered possibly being able to be played for 3 mana.