4.8 Billion hours spent watching twitch in 2016

Twitch has released their annual stats for 2016, including 4.86 billion hours spent watching twitch


Twitch has seen tons of growth in the 2016 season when compared to previous years. Not only has the % of people grew significantly, but the quantity of members on twitch EXTREMELY large. 2016 was a great year for Twitch, not only breaking many record but also significantly improving the streaming platform by releasing html5 compatibility.

Some statistics on Twitch include that “CS:GO once again remained Twitch’s favorite first person shooter in 2016”, as expected and is showing no signs of a reduction of viewers or players. They have also stated that “2016 saw the Twitch community set record levels of viewership and streaming. You streamed, chatted, watched, and cheered more than ever before. So pat yourself on the back and click through to learn more.” as expected of the rapidly improving platform with an ever growing streamer and viewer base.

Twitch chat has also set some major record, such as the 14.2 billion chat messages sent, many also including the record breaking 413 million Kappa emotes spammed in chat.

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