45 Cards from Arena removed – Hearthstone

   Following the “One Night in Karazhan” expansion, Mage has been gotten way to overpowered.

Streamers such as Kripp and Hafu have noticed, along with myself, that Mage has always been a top tier arena class due to it’s versatile amount of cards with freeze, huge board clears, highly valued minions and game swining secrets. However, the tipping point in arena was the recent expansion, where they gave mage an extremely high tier card “Firelands Portal” which does 5 damage and summon a random 5 cost minion.

To keep Mage in check and a few other overpowered class card, as well as ridding of card no one drafts in Arena to increase the chances of a more exiting deck, Blizzard has decided to remove 45 cards from Arena.




































Sure you may argue mage didn’t get hit that hard since only  cards got removed, but no, it got hit extremely hard. All the 3 cards removed from mage are high tempo cards that use to be game swinging. Snow chugga was the BEST two drop in the game, as it can trade well with other 2 drops, freeze weapon classes and also stall turns against higher cost cards. Forgetton torch was one of the mage’s best spells, as it not only provided decent clear, but also allowed pretty much another “Fireball” in your deck. Faceless summonor was an insane pick, so im not surprised it was taken out of arena for mages since they already have a tempo advantage against other classes.

Rogue was hit somewhat through the removal of 2 amazing cards. Goblin auto barber was extremely good early game as it provided so much value if the rogue had a weapon, along with the face it has a 3-2 stat allowing it to trade with other 2 drops, and trade up with 3 or 4 drops with an empowered weapon hit. Undercity valiant was also really good, as it’s above average and able to trade well in future turns with 3 drops or kill 2 drops for free with a backstab.

Other cards removed from the other classes were mainly ones that were never drafted and used. As explained, this is to make playing these classes more fun, as there’s a higher chance you will draft a better card. The only 2 notable good cards removed from the other classes was shadowbomber from priest and bouncing blades, these two had very good value and could be game changing determining on very few circumstances. That said, these two cards are of the epic tier and was rarely drafted anyway.