Interview : Freakazoid

Recently PVP.Live caught up with Freakazoid. Freakazoid has been one of the most outspoken players in NA and has had his fair share of controversies.



Echo Fox has fallen on some tough finishes recently, but are currently training hard for their comeback at next week’s ELEAGUE season 2 Group B. We caught up with Ryan ‘Freakazoid’ Abadir for his thoughts on where the team stands now, what they are doing to improve, and more.

You’re in Group B of ELEAGUE next week, which is considered one of the hardest, if not the hardest group – putting you up against Virtus.Pro, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and G2. What have you started to do differently in preparation for this upcoming challenge?

We still do the same thing, but I guess more scrims and focusing on our own strats and set ups really fine tuning what we have.

Following not qualifying for ESL Pro League or ESL New York, what would you say is the biggest adjustment the team has made to improve?

We are really focusing on fine tuning our stuff and putting more details into our CT and T sides.

Other than CSGO, what games have you been playing in your down time?

I haven’t been playing other games right now leading up to these events, but I was playing prototype 2 and just recently got Battlefield 1. I’ll be testing that out after these events!

This time of year in an election is always crazy – we have to ask, where do you stand on the election? Any candidates you feel would be more pro esports than the other?

Not really a fan of this election and to be honest, I didn’t vote. I wasn’t a fan of both candidates, but definitely one more so than the other, and I’ll leave that for you guys to guess which one! Trump would be pro esports I think, just cause he’s a business man and takes risks in his work, so I feel like he would be more for video games.

How do you feel the team stacks up against the rest of the teams in NA right now?

Well, I will say this, we are the only team to beat C9 in the regular season of ESL Pro League. We are an amazing team when our mindset, attitude, and confidence level is up. As soon as those three things come together, we can beat anyone.

What do you think the biggest challenge is that faces a pro-CSGO player with the state of the scene as it stands right now?

Anyone can beat anyone, it’s just whoever has the better mindset that day, who comes out on a heater with momentum and really who has put in the most work in practice fine-tuning strats. Also who else put in the most time outside of practice as well.