SL I-League Invitational with $100k Prize Pool

Starladder has announced its next big CS:GO tournament, called SL I-League Invitational #1, featuring $100,000 in prize money and offline finals in Kiev.


It has just been two months since the end of Season XIV Finals. Fnatic won the tournament against NaVi 2-0. Starladder has now unveiled information about its next CS:GO Tournament, Invitational #1.


The Prize pool for this tournament will be $100,000. The tournament / league will end at the grande Olimpiskiy National Sports Complex, which is the home of the Ukrainian football giant Dynamo Kiev from May 19-22.

Olimpoyskiy National Sports Complex

There will be a total of eight teams competing at this offline event. The top three teams from the EU division + the winner of the Chinese division will be joined by four sides invited from Starladder. Three invites have already been handed out to LG, NaVI and VP.


The teams listed for the QF matchups for the first EU bracket are :

  • Hellraisers vs Arcade
  • ENSO vs Alternate Attax
  • Empire vs AGG
  • explosive vs Ancient

The matchups for the Chinese tournament qualifier will be released soon by Starladder


The list of the final participants for the tournament in Kiev are :

  • Luminosity Gaming
  • Natus Vincere
  • EU Division Team #1
  • EU Division Team #2
  • EU Division Team #3
  • Virtus Pro
  • Chinese Divison WInner
  • TBA