Mongolz Swap Two Players


Menace is one of the players to have stepped down

Menace is one of the players to have stepped down

The Mongolz have probably achieved more than any other Asian team and has qualified for the IEM Katowice tournament. Despite having a 0/5 record at the Katowice LAN finals, the team was still very much within the striking range for the most part. They also qualified for the MLG Columbus Major becoming the first Asian team to do so.


The team had travelled to Singapore to play for the DH Malmo Qualifier. The internet facilities are better equipped in Singapore and they wanted to play together from Singapore in order to get around the latency factor.


However the team lost to Thai Team Signature in the quarter finals. This loss was quite devastating for the team as they had already invested a lot just to play in better conditions. Losing out in the quarterfinals was not something that they internally expected either.


“We travelled to Singapore to play in the DH malmo qualifier because playing from home on Singaporean servers we get around 90-120 ping, so we decided to travel to Singapore instead. But we lost and we were very disappointed in this loss.

We changed the roster therefore due to recent bad performance. Our two new additions are both 20 years old. They have very good aim but less experience. kabal was playing for a team called Core Gaming whereas element was teamless. There have not attained any well known success until now so they have a lot to prove.

Our upcoming competition plans include the Razer Rising Stars South-East Asian League and the mixBOT Golden League to which we are both invited.”

The New Mongolz Roster is :

  • MachineGun
  • Zilkenberg
  • Tsoogoo
  • element
  • kabal

Do you think this was a knee Jerk reaction?