7.24b Patch notes – Overview

Riot has released a minor patch to rebalance the game

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Likely the last patch of the year, Riot has released part b of the 7.24 patch. The minor update is intended to slightly rebalance the game by slightly nerfing the lethality items along with adjusting a few champion stats.

Aatrox – Slight damage buffs towards base damage of Q and E
Azir – W damage decreased
Cassiopeia – Q mana cost reduced, AP scaling on E buffed from 0.5 > 0.6
Corki – Base damage and Q damage all reduced slightly
Jayce – 10 damage decreased at all levels for Q (melee) and increase cooldown on knock back (melee E)
Katarina – E damage heavily reduced early game
Kayn – Base AD scaling increased by 0.5, passive slightly favors early game more.
Kled – Base AD increase, E damage buff at all levels by 10
Renekton – Base AD increased
Teemo – Scaling health and base AD nerfed
Yasuo – Q damage increased at later levels, ultimate range increased