A look at ESL One Hamburg 2017 & Bet prediction

The run down of ESL’s biggest event, ESL One Hamburg 2017

ESL have decided to host it’s biggest ever tournament in Germany’s Barclaycard Arena. The event will host only 8 teams but have an astounding $1,000,000 prize pool that will be shared between the 8 participating teams. All the teams have already qualified, 6 of which came from qualifiers around the world while 2 were directly invited to the event. The winner will receive half of the total prize pool, a big $500,000, one of the biggest prizes a team can get, especially considering this is third party organised event (out of Valve).

Teams attending:

Team Liquid
Team Secret
Keen Gaming
Evil Geniuses
SG e-sports


Evil geniuses should be able to take out the event. While they fell shot at the recent TI7, they are still one of the strongest teams, and condiering their loss, it is likely many will underestimate the power of EG. Definitely bet on EG for good odds.