A look into the groups at Worlds – LoL

Here, we’ll be looking into the 4 groups and who’ll likely win

Group A:

Edward Gaming
SK Telecom T1
AHQ esports

Group B:

Longzhu Gaming

Group C:

G2 Esports
Samsung Galaxy
Royal Never Give Up

Group D:

Flash Wolves
Misfits Team





As always, there are 4 main groups, Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D. However, as there are 24 competing teams this year in an aim to get a better representation of teams around the globe, Riot has added another phase before the group stages. Team who had qualified from smaller regions, or as third seed for the bigger regions will be allocated in a play in stage group. The winners of each play in stage group will advanced to the group stage TBD spot.

Currently, the strongest group (in the group stage) is obviously Group A. That group contains both Edward Gaming and SKT both teams of which many could argue are the top two teams in the world. Who ever advances to that group from play ins have absolutely 0 chance of getting out.

SKT, Longzhu and G2 are my top 3 contenders to take out the championship