Ad Finem to replace NaVi at Dreamleague

NaVi’s problems have manifested themselves into the Leagues that they were supposed to attend. One of the most well known teams in Dota2 history failed to qualify for the Boston Major. The team has had internal problems with a few announcements due this week from the team.


Following their exit from Dreamleague, another team has been announced to replace NaVI’s position. The team is Ad Finem. Ad Finem has been at the peak of their performance having recently defeated both Liquid, Secret 2-0 in the qualifying stages.


Dreamleague published an Interview they had with Ad Finem Manager , Mike :

Hello Madao, First of all congratulations for qualifying for the Boston Major.
In the last map vs Liquid, it was very clear to everyone watching that the players were very happy. How do you feel now when a day has passed since that moment?


It was an amazing run, everyone was really happy and finally we broke the “curse” of the finals. Today I have the feeling that this was just the beginning to an even more amazing run till ti7.

On your way through the bracket you beat both Team Liquid and Team Secret, arguably the biggest favourites going in to the qualifier. Was this expected and how do you feel about your performance in these games?


We were really confident that we would qualify, we learned a lot from our losses on BTS, Dotapit, Faceit invitational we prepared a lot and had a plan for almost all situations. Although i didn’t expect Secret to not qualify, I believe they are a really strong team. For Liquid I feel like something is missing from their play style, I hope they stick together and solve the issue.

Going to Boston must be a great feeling for the team after sticking together after just missing the last two events. What are your thoughts on the event at the moment?

It was really a unique feeling, like finally we the “curse” is broken. And the feeling of achieving something we wanted for a long while. I feel a bit weird with the single elimination format, but I think they are probably trying to find what format fits in DOTA 2 tournaments the best.

You will overtake Navi’s score of 1-1 in ASUS ROG DreamLeague, how do you like your chances going forward?

Only 1 loss still 5 series to go. I don’t believe its bad its like starting from zero, I hope we can manage to break into the top 4.

Who do you feel could be the biggest threat in the League? and Escape Gaming

Thanks for the interview Madao

Shout out to all our fans that cheered for our victory yesterday, and our sponsors Tipbet, Donbai and epulze because without em it would not be possible!

The Full roster for Ad Finem is as follows :

  • Madara
  • Thug
  • Skylark
  • Maybe Next Time
  • Ssaspartan

Source : Link to Dreamleague Page