AdreN to Try Out for TSM


It’s been a quiet period for Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag ever since the qualifier in Columbus for the 2016 MLG Columbus Major. We’…

Posted by Team Liquid Pro on Sunday, 13 March 2016

Team Liquid have announced that Adren will be practising with TSM.

The move comes following the wake of the news that Koosta will not be able to play for the team during the upcoming major. The team is grouped up with Fnatic, Splyce and Faze for the Major tournament in Ohio.

In the upcoming weeks, Adren will be on trial, playing for TSM specifically for their CEVO Season 9 matches. TSM are currently seeking a replacement for Vice who was released from the team last week.


According to a statement issued by Liquid on Facebook, Hoag “will be back to practice with us leading up to the MLG event”, where they will face FaZe, Fnatic and Splyce in the group stage.


The Roster for TSM for CEVO is currently :

  • Semphis
  • Autimatic
  • FNS
  • Sick
  • aDren
  • valens