Adrian leaves Team Liquid

Only after less than a month, Adrian has decided to part ways to Team Liquid

Team Liquid originally announced they would be signing Adrian to act as their starting support player, and overall hoped that the deal would boost Team Liquid’s currently poor position in the LCS. However, Team Liquid decided that they would allow Matt to remain on their active roster and offered Adrian a substitute position. Due to this deal, Adrian and Liquid had some issues as not only would Adrian play less over all, lose his current momentum, but he would also received a lower salary / income compared to the original deal where he would remain on the active roster.

The parting between Adrian and Liquid was a mutual agreement, where it was overall confirmed they cited differences in expectations and payment. Adrian has yet to sign with other teams and has currently announced he is a free agent, as it is unlikely any team would look to picking him up at this time.

Adrian also cited in previous social media posts and talks that he would it hard to fit into Team Liquid due to having two support players (fairly normal if there is a substitute) and also that he joined the team fairly late into the split which impacted communication between all the players on a more personal level.