Afreeca freecs decline invite to IEM Oakland

Following tha announcement that Afreeca Freecs has declined the invite to IEM Oakland, Longzhu Gaming will likely fill the place.

Afreeca Freecs has declined the invite from IEM Oakland for the Korean seed spot. The team has had a history of not attending IEM Oakland and it is unclear to why they would decline as the win in IEM Oakland is an important qualifier.

Longzhu Gaming are next in for the invite, as they were just behind Afreeca freecs in terms of ranking in Korea. This means that Longzhu will likely fill the Korean seed spot, unless they too choose to decline the event, which would be extremely surprising

The likely decision for declining the invatation to IEM Oakland by Afreeca Freecs is likely to give their players some rest, as many face constant pressure throughout the year. This was described by Doublelift, and the main reason he decided to “take a break” for a season. It is also commonly felt that the Spring split isn’t of too much concern, as the main results and qualifying tournaments are in the Summer split..