Afreeca Freecs vs. KT Rolster – LCK week 7 – Previews & predictions

Afreeca vs KT

KT have a lot of momentum on their back; having only lost to SKT and ROX Tigers earlier this split. Unlike other top tier teams like SKT and Jin Air, KT have demonstrated a very high degree of consistency. They excel at taking early game objectives and tower trade offs while excelling through to the late game.

Afreeca have had a pretty decent run for a mid-tier team. Unlike KT Rolster who are very well rounded in very lane, Afreeca are more dependent on their ADC Sangyoon as a carry. Sangyoon excels at team fighting mechanics and keeping himself alive.

All-in-all KT Rolster significantly outclasses Afreeca. They should use their experience, game knowledge and split-second calls to push forth an easy victory. It is very unlikely that Afreeca will come out ahead in this best of three.

Prediction: Afreeca Freecs 35% | KT Rolster 65% (2-0 KT Victory)