Afreeca Freecs vs. MVP Preview LCK Week 6, Day 3 – Summer Split 2016

Afreeca vs MVP

Afreeca Freecs play MVP on Week 6 of the 2016 LCK Summer Spring Split. The match will be played on Wednesday 29th of June at 6pm local time.

I had a good think about this match-up and in all honestly, it is neck and neck. These are two teams that are easily outclassed by top tier teams but remind us why they are playing at the highest level when vsing their counterparts.

Afreeca should have a strong early game than MVP. The should pick scaling ADCs like Caitlyn, Sivir and Lucian as Sangyoon does a large proportion of his team’s damage and is the backbone to any AFS victory.

The mismanagement of an early dive against ROX in week 5 demonstrates that Afreeca need to make decisive calls and measure their risk when making proactive plays. Should they make more clear cut calls, they should be able to have an edge on MVP.

This is going to be very close. However I feel like Afreeca have a slight edge against the rookies.

Prediction: Afreeca Freecs 50% | MVP 50% (2-1 Afreeca victory)