AGG release CSGO team.



Team AGGAGG recently made some changes to their roster after the departure of rallen and Furlan to the Polish squad. This left the team with only three players. The AGG organisation helped fill the void with the addition of players like reatz and Kamil. This new roster did do some good gameplay and ended up in the Semis of the GG Masters tournament. Considering how new the roster was, it wasnt expected that they perform too well. However reaching the semis of a LAN tournament is a small achievement in itself.


According to a report by; the AGG Co-owner has said that they have decided to rebuild from the ground up in view of the recent Valve policies.


“As of today, we are releasing our CS:GO roster,” he added. “They have been a huge part of our organization, making us who we are today.

“We had a great run in CS:GO over the past year, with teams in both NA and EU. We hope to return to CS:GO in the very near future but for now we wish all of our previous players the best of luck and we thank all of them for their hard work will playing for AGG.

“To all of the AGG fans, we will be back and we will keep moving forward. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support over the last year.

A report from cybersport says that the two players will be returning to Pride while Hyper will take over as the Team Coach role.


This leaves Peet and Gruby without a team, but considering how talented they are we do not anticipate them being without a team for long.