AGG vs Optic – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview

AGG vs Optic – Cache


AGG is ex- SKDC. As a team they have had some decent success recently after moving on to the new organsitaion. By some decent success I mean they were able to tie Best of two’s with 85-15 % odds. A while ago, SKDC’s Cache was pretty bad. But to be honest, a while ago SKDC were pretty bad. However with the turn of the new year, SKDC have been miproveing for sure. Their gameplay and aim has dedfinitely become much better. They did win a map on Cache against NME. Their best map is surely Mirage ( as that is what they seem to always pick given the oppurtunuity) However lately they have moved on to pick Cache when Mirage is not available.

AGG vs NME - Cache

SKDC is a team that has some really talented individuals. But the problem with these players is their level of consistency. They definitely can win against some of the better players out there however they are not consistent with their results and aim. One day they might take down one of the top NA teams and the next lose to a Peruvian team ( you get what i mean right? )

Optic on Cache Optic on Cache 2

Optic is ex-Conquest. They are the team consisting of Shahzam, daps, NAF-FLY , Rush etc. These players are definitely some of the better players in the NA region. On Cache these players are really really good. And its not just a new phenomenon, but something that has continued over time since August 2015


Looking at these results, Optic should take this map on Cache.


The Prediction : 76%-24% Optic

The Bet : Medium On Optic