AGGvs Team X, Tips Odds and Previews – SL I league



AGG and team x are matched up against each other in the starseries I league to be held on the 3rd of August 2016 at 1430 CEST


Both the teams have been performing almost at an equal level I’m this tournament. The only difference seems to be the matches against dignitas. Team x won it while agg lost to dignitas


Now Dignitas has not been playing too good in this tournament especially as they have been losing maps to various teams. Even the games that Dignitas have won they have managed to give out a single map.


Team X currently look on track to come out of this qualifier Victorious. They have a precision to their strategic play especially on maps such as Mirage and Cache.


AGG rely more on their aim and not always on team play to score victories.


The prediction : 60℅-40℅

The bet : Low on Team X