ahq e-Sports Club vs. Taipei Assassins – LMS 2016 – Week 5 – Day 2 – Preview

ahq e-Sports Club vs. Taipei Assassins are matched up against each other for the League of Legends Masters Series to be held Friday February 19, 2016 in Day 2, Week 5 of the competition.


The match between the two is a MUST WATCH, with both team team going head to head, it will be a very close game which will give a huge mental boost to the winner.

The match consists of the two best teams currently in the League of Legends Masters Series, ahq the undefeated champions currently have a straight 6 wins, while Taipei Assains only managed to drop 1 game, but do have 2 ties under their name.

Ahq are definitely my pick this game, I believe they will steam roll their individual lanes since the skills of their laners are all extremely high, while the jungler knows very well when to counter gank, as well as top warding control bottom side. That said, Taipei Assasins are highly skilled too, and the game will be decided on the late game fight, not too much on who gets first blood or the early lead, since both teams are capable of equalizing the gold total.

Prediction: ahq e-Sports Club 70% l Taipei Assassins 30%