Albus NoX Luna and ROX Tigers qualify for the Quarter finals

Albus NoX Luna and ROX Tigers are the top two teams in Group A, thus both qualifying for the quarter finals

The group stages in the 2016 League of Legends World Championships consists of 4 groups, where 4 teams will be in each individual groups adding up to a total of 16 teams in Worlds. Only 8 teams are able to advance to the quarter finals which will see the top two teams from each group qualify to the quarter finals.

Day 5 saw the finalization of quarter final teams being locked in. Day 5 was extremely messy as Albus NoX Luna entered as 2-1 and first defeated CLG and ROX, then going on to lose to G2 Esports giving them their first win at worlds. This allowed them to qualify for worlds with ROX Tigers since CLG lost all 3 of their games on day 5. This meant that CLG entered day 5 being 3-0, to 3-3 which prevented them from advancing to the quarter finals. This is extremely disappointing for CLG as they were expected to pull through very well considering they won their first 3 games.