Albus Nox Luna gets invite to IEM Katowice 2017

Albus Nox Luna has proved themselves by securing a spot in the Quarter finals at Worlds 2016


The requirements of a direct invite for IEM Katowice 2017 is to be both a top performing team in their region and a top 8 team at Worlds. Since Albus Nox Luna are an international wild card team that made it to the top 8 at Worlds through advancing to the quarter finals at worlds, they have earned their direct invite to worlds. As mentioned below, as they have already qualified for IEM Katowice, they will be unable to attend IEM Oakland and Gyeonggi as those tournaments are also used to determine teams who will advance to IEM Katowice.


This is great news for Albus Nox Luna as the relatively new team doesn’t have too much exposure in the international scene. One of the players even stated that prior to worlds, they were an extremely casual team that didn’t have high expectations and that some players were even practicing and playing other games before worlds.

Albus Nox Luna have performed amazingly this year, and subsequently making history as the first International wildcard team to ever enter the bracket stage of a major international tournament.