Alicus creates new Overwatch team

Alicus has signed 4 former Bench boys and 2 extras to complete the team

Former general manager for team Misfits “Alicus” previously exited the team in February. The former GM claimed that he wished to take a rest and to explore further opportunities for himself. This announcement has certainly meant he has no rest at all, as in the short time from February to mid March he had the time to scout and sign 6 competitive players.

The new team will be called “Laser Kittenz ” and will make their debut in the Overwatch PIT Championship – Europe league. It is likely the team will do quite well and hit the ground running, as not only is the former GM for misfits running the new org, but 4 former team Bench Boys players are also part of the roster. In addition to the former Bench Boys will be “Zaprey” and “Nesh”. Former competitive player Chris “spazzo” Infante will also act as the coach for the team, and it is likely that Alicus will take a further back role, dealing with marketing and the team’s finance.