Alientech vs gBots – Alientech CSGO League Tips, Odds and Preview.

800px-Alientech_EU_1Alientech and gBots are matched up against each other in the Alientech Cup on the 24th of February 2016 at 19:00 CET




Alientech have been on a severe losing streak, losing four out of their last five matches. In all of these losses, they won just one map and lost the remaining maps 2-0 to other teams. Their performance has been very lacklustre. Alientech’s roster consists of mainly Portuguese players and these players have never really shown good results and it is highly doubtful that they would suddenly start showing great results today.




On the other side of the coin gBots have had a very good LAN showing recently winning 14 rounds consecutively off Fnatic and Dignitas. The roster of gBots definitely is something to be feared. With the likes of Mixwell, kairi and Lowel this team has the potential to surprise many top tier teams in the world.


This match should be favored towards gBots mainly because of the fact that they have a better roster as well as some decent results in their latest matches. This roster definitely has the upper hand in this matchup.

The prediction :  75%-25% gBots

The Bet : Medium on gBots