Alliance dumps half their team – Dota 2

Alliance’s post TI7 shuffle sees 3 players dropped

Due to poor performance failing to qualify for The International 2017, Alliance has decided to take drastic action. Because of their sub par performance in the past year, they were not able to receive a direct invite to the European qualifier, let alone the actual TI7 event. They were then forced into joining the European Champions Qualifiers which consists of a battle team between 32 teams. While they were able to defeat many of the other teams as Alliance has mid – top tier international players. That said, they still fell short as they placed 8th out of the 32 teams.

Management settled on dumping more than half of their team, 3 members! This is a drastic measure, as it will completely change the dynamic of the team and consume a huge deal of time before they have proper teamwork. It’s very likely these players will be quickly snapped up by other lower to mid tier teams as post TI7 shuffle continues.