Alliance eSports enters the Hearthstone scene


Alliance eSports has signed player “Orange” as their first Hearhstone player

This massive announcement follows news that GaleForeceEsports have signed another player and are willing to focus more on the hearthstone team which I predicted that would kick start the Hearthstone scene. The move from Alliance was unexpected, while Alliance do have teams in Dota 2 and League of Legends, Alliance has never expressed any interest in the HS scene.  Jon “Orange” Westberg was known to have found a team as rumors circulated amongst the community heavily, but only confirmed when Alliance made a statement on their website.

Prior to being a free agent, Orange was on Team Archon’s roster but was then released shortly prior to the complete axe of the team. Orange has been expected to be picked up quickly as he won two major tournaments back to back therefore highly observed not only by pro teams but by the community.

Alliance’s General Manager, Erik Barge stated :

“I’ve had my eye on Jon for quite a while now, even before he took first place in ESL Katowice one and a half year ago, and I’ve always been impressed with both his technique and professional mentality toward the game. In addition he’s also one of the most consistent players which, in a game like Hearthstone, is far more impressive than a single first place victory. I believe Jon is a perfect fit in Alliance and I’m very happy to have him represent the Alliance brand as our first Hearthstone player.”