Alliance fails to meet roster lock

In favour of a better line-up, Alliance has failed to meet the roster lock deadline

Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg announced on twitter that Alliance has chosen not to lock in their roster, as ‘he’ wished for the team to take more time and make a better decision. This time would be allovated to hld more try outs to find the most suitable players possible, hopefully boosting Alliance’s presence in the scene. While Alliance hasn’t performed TOO badly this year, they definitely wish to improve, as shown by their decision to for-go the roster lock this season. Giving up a few events in the long run will be a great investment if they were able to secure the best players.

Loda has comforted fans, assuring that they will be releasing their line-up in the coming ‘weeks rather than months’. This follows his earlier announcement when the rest of the team was initially dropped, stating that it would ‘take some time to get the roster ready’.