Alliance signs Android – Super Smash Bros

Alliance announced earlier today that their will be signing player “Android” to their Smash Bros roster.

Andreas “Android” Lindgren will be “joining his older brother Adam “Armada” Lindgren in Alliance”. Android is considered one of the strongest players in the scene, usually behind TSM Leffen mostly, but many too consider him a favorite in countless tournaments. The two brothers have been known for very long to be extremely strong, with the decision to put the brothers together there is no doubt that the two will improve under the same team.


Alliance have explained that the pair will be competing individually unless they enter double matches, where they will then obviously participate as a team.


Alliance mentions that :

“Dominating both Singles and Doubles, Adam is a unique player in the North American dominated Smash scene as he’s the only non-US player earning the status as one of the “Five Gods”. While he’s had a tremendous success he’s always wished to have somebody to share the joy of competing with. With Andreas joining Alliance Adam will finally have a travel companion to compete with.”