Allu joins Faze



Faze’s run of disappointing performance will finally see them showing the door to one of the original team members Fox. Fox has been with the team since its inception and despite several calls for him to be removed from the team due to miserable performances, he has stayed on the active roster.


With the team being unable to improve their results despite adding Kioshima to their roster Fox  has finally exited from the roster. Allu who has had amazing performances under ENCE averaging a 1.13 ratio has been roped in to replace Fox. Allu’s addition will definitely improve the firepower and the experience within the team. Allu is a much more reliable AWP’er than Fox and its hoped that the team will be able to achieve much better results from now on.


The current  5 man roster for Faze is :

  • Allu
  • Jkaem
  • Aizy
  • Kioshima
  • rain

Do you think addition of Allu will improve the results for Faze? Was it a right decision?