Alpha vs Empire- Hitbox Challenger Cup – Tips, Odds and Preview



Alpha and Empire are matched up against each other in the Hitbox Challenger Cup to be held on the 5th of April 2016 at 20:00 CET.




  • Alpha Roster – Alpha Roster
  • Alpha Recent Matches – Alpha recent matches
  • Alpha’s Roster has been playing very well, sporting a very high percentage of wins in their past 10 matches. That being said they have lost most of their recent matches against Epsilon. In one match they lost on Overpass 16-1 against the team. Considering that they rarely play that particular map, its not a surprising result. However their 10-16 loss to Alpha definitely signals some problems for them
  • On paper, Alpha’s roster is definitely better than that of Empire’s. Even in terms of the quality of teams that they have played against, are much better than Empire has played.
  • If the odds for Alpha are good ( <65%), a low bet on them is quite lucrative


  • Empire’s Roster – Empire Roster
  • Empire’s past matches include losses to RCTIC and Torpedo. They have also won matches against a lacklustre ENCE, K1ck and Killerfish. These teams are not the best of teams in terms of skill nor in their performances.
  • The team definitely has been performing quite well of late and there is decent chance that they can win this match.

The Prediction : 60%-40% Alpha

The Bet : Low on Alpha as long as odds stay below 65%