Alternate attax support Team Singularity to advance in the Minors

We reported about Team Singularity being disqualified from the Atlanta EU Minor due to a minor technical issue of 25 seconds of the demo missing. While this is not a big deal, especially since the rest of the match was accounted for; it was more than enough for Faceit to disqualify Team Singularity despite winning their match against Alternate Attax 16-12 on Cache.



Many people were blaming Team Alternate attax for forcing the issue and urging Faceit to disqualify Team Singularity.

However it turns out that was not the case. Team Alternate attax officially support team singularity claim at the EU Minor.


This is what Kzy had to say about the controversy :

Maybe people should learn to inform first and speak later.
Thats also regarding some more known players/casters/analysts, who are following some pointless witchhunt.

We lost against Singularity, cause one guy dropped 36 frags in regular time. He only has 2,5k hours, only 30 maps on record and seems to be a “online-kid” if you believe the hearsay.

Its a little odd to have the best game of your life in one of the most important qualifiers of this year. Therefore we asked the admins to look into it, that we could be more assured that everything was legit.

We never saw the demo, cause Faceit is not giving out any demos at all. So there is nothing we could have complained about. Also we didnt request a DQ / default win yesterday, not do we now.
Faceit decided everything on their own, based on their rules and we had nothing to say about it. Furthemore we didnt even get a informed about that topic.

Its easy to blame us, but are we the ones to blame?

Inzta from Team Singularit also posted a few tweets :