Ancient vs Nostalgie – UCC Tips, Odds and Preview

ucc1 news bannerAncient and Nostalgie are matched up against each other in UCC  tournament on the 18th of February 2016 at 13:00 CET.




Ancient consists of ex-tier one players who were pretty much left without a team. They have a very impressive roster and have already proven themselves thus far. Consisting of well known swedish stars such as Bendji, Pronax, robin and twist this team has the potential to be a top tier team. Heralded by a top level IGL such as Pronax, they do not lack the experience needed with the team. Individually each player is worth his weight for sure. Their recent results have been encouraging especially considering the fact that they are very new to the scene. They have secured wins over Efrag, Method and Orgless convincingly.



As we saw yesterday Nostalgie are in a very bad form. Their matches have been real let downs considering their potential. Nostalgie has two new members standing in for this tournament. The roster change rumors definitely have affected the team in general. Considering their past results and team chemistry to be at an all time low due to the stand-in’s a medium bet on Ancient seems to be smart. Nostalgie in their last match lost to Efrag 16-11 and 16-12. Both these maps were actually decent for Nostalgie considering their players however they still do not have the team / roster needed for playing good.


The prediction : 67%-33% on Ancient

The Bet : Medium on Ancient