Anyone can 1 v 1 TSM stars on November 19-20

Bjergsen, Svenskeren and Hauntzer will be up for 1 v 1 on November the 19th-20th


These 3 TSM superstars will be attending IEM Katowice and management has announced a special event for all attending IEM Katowice. There will be 5 random players picked by the “stage host” at the event, where the players will be randomly allocated a 1 v 1 session against a TSM player.

The format will be a 1 v 1 in the ARAM map with the usual rules.
As stated, “The rules are simple: the matches will be played on ARAM and whoever takes the first turret down the quickest, wins. If none of the challengers gets the tower down, the person to hold on the longest wins.

This means the player who gets First Blood or First Tower will win, and the 100 Creep score for the win has been removed. This is great since it is obviously expected that the Pro players will easily out CS the participant.

Any participant who manages to defeat a TSM star will receive a “brand new Intel i7 6950X.”

Who players will verse:

1 player will take on Bjergsen
2 players will take on Svenskeren
2 players will take on Hauntzer


This is how you challenge the TSM superstars:

  1. Join us at IEM Oakland (November 19-20, Oracle Arena, Bay Area USA)

  2. The stage host will pick five LoL fans from the audience

  3. One 1on1 match vs. Bjergsen, two 1on1 matches vs. Svenskeren, two 1on1 matches vs. Hauntzer

  4. The challenger to beat them on ARAM wins!