Apex vs. Immortals – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

Apex vs immortals

Apex are lodging themselves as a middle-of-the-pack team. Which is probably not enough to take on the Immortals.  To take your mind off the fact that they are going to get destroyed, here’s a list of things that Apex are good at:

  • Having a coach that is very good at Pokémon Go (Saintvicious) https://twitter.com/LolStvicious
  • The whole Apex crew all have crazy high CP Pokémon
  • Ray reached rank 1 in NA solo queue

Overall, Immortals and TSM are in the driving seat of the NA LCS. And thus far, there are no contenders to take their seat. Apex have not nearly shown enough mechanical greatness, nor team cohesion to take down the second best team in NA. Given the certainty of this match-up, it should tie nicely into multi.

Prediction: Apex 20% | Immortals 80%