Apex vs. Liquid – NA LCS week 9 – Previews & predictions

apex vs liquid

Apex vs. Liquid. Now that’s an interesting one. While Liquid can afford to lose a game or even two in week 9, Apex must win in order to make it in for playoffs. But how does Apex fair in the face of a formidable opponent like Liquid?

Apex posses only a single trump card: Ray. Ray brings about enormous value to Apex. He is a top-lane threat that cannot be underestimated. Especially when he leans towards cheesy picks that deal unprecedented amounts of damage. While Apex is quite a top-centric team, I am not convinced that they have the coordination, proficiency or team cohesion to play around him. Dardoch is the superior jungler in this match-up, which places a lot of pressure on Apex lanes to both watch out for ganks and counter ganks.

Overall, Liquid outclass Apex in many ways. Apex needs to take advantage of Fabbbyyy’s supportive ADC style and seek to crush Liquid’s bottom lane, all while suppressing the mid lane monster Fenix. If this is too much to ask for, then we should see a swift 2-0 Liquid victory.

Prediction: Apex 40% | Team Liquid 60% (Team Liquid victory)