Aphromoo to stand as ADC due to hospitalized Stixxay

Joey subs support and Aphromoo steps in as CLG’s ADC

CLG announced recently that Stixxay has been hospitalized and will be unable to participate in the upcoming week 9 NA LCS games. It is yet to be confirmed if he will be able to attend the games in the future weeks, as the team and Stixxay have failed to disclose the reason for Stixxay having to withdraw, simply informing fans that it was due to a vague “medical emergency”. What ever it is, I hope Stixxay will return as soon is possible once all is well, so CLG can continue to perform strongly as they have this split.

As Aphromoo is the team captain, and an extremely skilled mechanical player (and former ADC player), the team as a whole have decided to move Aphromoo to the ADC position to temporarily replace Stixxay. This has left the support position open for the team which is why they decided to bring their team’s substitute player as the support. “Joey” will be the new supporting player for this week, and the days / weeks to come depending on Stixxay’s recovery status. This will also be his first game with the team in the whole season, while it doesn’t necessarily mean he will be “bad” in a sense, CLG’s teamwork will definitely be negatively impacted due to the new transitions. While the two have insufficient time to get everything in order, there is no doubt CLG will fight their hardest and show fans some great games to come.