AR URF is has returned!

Riot has released AR URF on the servers

In a recent  update, Riot has released All Random Ultra Rapid fire, giving into thousands of requests for the mode. This will mark 6 months before the last AR URF was released earlier this year in February. While it isn’t the prized normal URF we all want, me and many other will still take it, so thank you Riot for bringing this mode back, even though you were A BIT late…

As it is AR URF, players will not be able to select their champion, instead given a random one from their list of available champions. Along with this, it will like always, but et on summoners rift and include all the awesome features of URF. URF will provide every player with an insane list of buffs which include, 80% cooldown on pretty much everything, infinite mana / energy, increased attack speed and higher movement speed. Some youtubers have already gotten back on the hype train and released a few URF videos for you to enjoy while you wait.