Arcade vs Leisure Preview, Tips and Analysis

Arcade vs Leisure

Today we will analyse the Best of Three event between the Russian side Arcade and the German side Leisure hosted by the RGN Pro Series. The game will start at 19:00 GMT on the 20th of April 2016.

Arcade were recently in the Razer Rising Stars European League Qualifier #1 where they took out “Little Einsteins” and which led to a devastatingly close loss by SpaceS (16 -12). Unfortunately for Arcade this meant that they did not qualify for the Razer Rising Starts European League. Their hopes were once again crushed when they were put into the losers bracket for StarLadder I-League Invitational Qualifiers following a (1-0) loss to Hell Raisers where, in the losers bracket they regained motivation with wins over Penta (1-0) and Fluffy Gangsters(2-0) but then were once again crushed by the Swedes, Torpedo Gaming (0-2). Their wins and losses have been fluctuating and it is hard to predict whether or not they will succeed or fail again.

Arcade eSports vs Torpedo Gaming
Fluffy Gangsters vs Arcade eSports
PENTA Sports vs Arcade eSports
HellRaisers vs Arcade eSports
Arcade eSports vs Space Soldiers

Leisure have been keeping themselves busy with ESL Cups, persistently attempting to win. They entered ESL Cup #1 and won their first game against Team Alternate on Cache with a 16-6 scoreline. After the victory they tried to chase another win against Playing Ducks but the European side was having none of it as they shut them down throwing them out of the ESL Cup Season 1. I admire their consistency that made them come back for ESL Cup #2 but unfortunately this wasn’t enough as they were knocked out in Season 2 andSeason 3 in the first round by the same team. They strived on and managed a win against SPURHUNDE but were got defeated in ESL Cup #4 and ESL Cup #5.

Planetkey… vs LeiSuRe
Key-Preisverg… vs LeiSuRe
LeiSuRe vs Key-Preisverg…

My Prediction: 70% Arcade based on all of their wins recently compared to Leisure’s win rate recently which have been awful.

Calvin Hynes.