Arcade vs Rebels.

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Arcade vs Rebels.

Today we take a look at two teams making their first acquaintance Arcade vs Rebels. This game is part of Uprise Champions Cup Season 4 Pre-Qualifier and will begin at 5pm GMT on the 21st of December 2015.

Rebels seem to have a inconsistent but strong performance overall with a 60% win rate of their last five games taking wins from YP and two games against InfernalP. Rebels best map is Cobblestone and their worst is Overpass.

Arcade are also an inconsistent team but I don’t see that strength that their enemy has with them only having a 40% win rate of their last five games against CPlay and M&R. Arcade’s best map is Dust2

Rosters Include;
Arcade:  jR,  Mir,  Keshandr,  hutji,  COLDYY1
Rebels:  electronic,  CyberFocus,  fix,  spaz,  spike

My prediction is 70% in the favor of Rebels because they are the stronger team ( 2-1 against FlipSide Tactics ).

Calvin Hynes.