Archangels vs Epiphany Bolt, Tips Odds and Betting Previews



Archangels and Epiphany Bolt are matched up against each other in the tournament to be held on the 9th of August 2016 at 1630 CEST.

Archangels has a dominant lineup consisting of mainly Swedish players. The roster includes downie, quix, zende. The lineup has not been able to win many matches with this roster. They have lost most of their previous matches which include ArchAngels, tricked, ENCE.

Epiphany Bolt has a very new roster which lacks experience in their recent matches. They have played against delete, lgr, preparation. Their matches have been mediocre in results. Their one win against preparation and arch Angels is quite significant.


The Prediction : 65℅-35 Archangels

The Bet : Medium on ArchAngels