Are SKT internal issues causing un-needed losses?

Blank subbing in for Blossom causing SKT to lose vs. bbq


Reddit has exploded following the game SKT vs. bbq, with the former 3 time world champion team losing 2-1, in a decisive set of matches. This loss clearly shows SKT are lacking, especially with Blank, a clear inferior choice to Blossom. Kkoma’s decision to sub in Blank is likely due to internal issues in the team, where they may be serious differences between the team members.

However, it is clear that Blossom is a much better jungler and player, as shown by the presence he brings throughout the game. Blank however, tends to be more conservative, lacking pressure and causing his laners to be forced out, thus calling behind. Blank also lacks respect for the enemy, failing to recognise the amount of damage they are able to bring to fight, leading to him throwing the baron and later the game.

SKT needs some serious restructuring, if SKT is unable to find a suitable jungler soon, or fix the internal issues between the players, they may fall this year and not make it to worlds. SK Telecom T1 are overall a strong team, but these hiccups are not acceptable for such a power house.